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Book Promotion Ideas

For WAY OUT OF THE BOX PROMOTION IDEAS visit www.jadaykennedy.blogspot.com read the marketing ideas 4 Margot Finke
Today on the Differently-Abled Writer wwww.jadaykennedy.com Sign Up for FREE Downloads

-Spelling/Sight/Dolch Word Exercises
-Writing Prompts
-June-Dec Holiday Observation Calendar
-Book Promotion Planner

By providing your mail address you will gain access to the download page on The Differently-Abled Writer. Make that page a Favorite. You will receive emails letting you know when the website has been updated.

Contest with multiple prizes

Enter prize drawing Visit Margot Finke’s blog, meet J Aday Kennedy, Klutzy Kantor-a funny bk 4 reluctant readers. http://hookkidsonreading.blogspot.com

Book Promotion

Any Day Can Be a Special Day for Book Promotion- For unique book marketing ideas http://jadaykennedy.blogspot.com

Book Giveaway

Win The Raindrop by Brian D. McClure at The Children's and Teens' Book Connection http://childrensandteensbookconnection.wordpress.com/
Website launch Teachers & writers FREE pdf downloads- crafts, kid mag markets, book marketing, crafts, writing exercises, etc www.jadAykennedy.com

Book Marketing Through the Year

“Holiday Book Marketing” by me is at Marketing Tips 4 Authors at www.blog.marketingtipsforauthors.com/ Is 4 unusual holidays all year.

Feature Article on Haiti

Looking for Haitians & Haitian-Americans to interview in an article. If you're interested email me at author@jadaykennedy.com

Book Marketing

Just found a gr8 link for self, non-traditionally published book promotion http://www.selfpublishebooks.com/bookmarketing.html